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Changes warrant another look at Soba

The Post-Gazette’s China Millman revisits Soba:

Dining reviews have a limited lifespan. They may live on the Web forever, but a review of a restaurant that ran in the past six months is going to be more useful than a review from two years ago.

Restaurants are living organisms. Unlike a CD or a movie, no diner has the same experience as another, especially once some time has elapsed. Chefs and managers change, bringing new ideas and influencing the restaurant culture. Trends and increased competition inspire new menu items… or don’t.

It’s not feasible to re-review restaurants even every two years (three or four is the more commonly accepted time frame) and not every restaurant needs a second write-up. Sometimes, though, restaurants deserve a second look a little earlier, because they’ve changed and grown in ways that demand attention.

Restaurants that just keep getting better?

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